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Languages: English, German • Germany, Israel, Switzerland It's a joy to support another in finding their own light and living a life informed by true authenticity. All you need is curiosity, openness, and a willingness to get to know yourself. In our safe space, you will be able to explore into your nature. If you are connected to essential qualities like strength, resilience, creativity, compassion, or love, you can express and live these qualities in your life.
Introductory Description: 

After having worked internationally for more than 25 years as an Executive Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator, I am pleased to also offer my work as a DA teacher to individuals outside of business.

Besides my study of Pedagogy, I studied Gestalt work, psychodynamics, bioenergetics, body and breathwork, the Enneagram, and psychology. It brought up the question: Who am I? and started a lifelong self-development journey that brought me to living in communities in Germany, studying meditation in India, and traveling and learning in many different countries. Coming back to Europe I started my own business and I slowly began supporting others with what I had understood about self-development and being content and successful in private and business life. Since then I have always been guided by my passion for the personal development of individuals and companies. 

As a coach and as a Diamond Approach Teacher I am focusing on becoming conscious of our full potential, how we relate, and what is driving our behavior.  When we are connected to our inner resources and strength, we are able to live a life informed by our true authenticity. I am also teaching the Enneagram in business and using it as a self-awareness tool. 

The commitment to living an authentic, content life naturally brought up the longing to share that with others. It's a joy to be at service and observe others find their own light, strength, creativity, and passion. Being authentic is my number one passion and this dedication is always informing my next steps in life. The DA work is grounding me in strength, resilience, compassion, and wisdom in these challenging times.

What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

I long to live what I teach. My day-to-day life and presence are teaching me and informing me to be a guide for another.

Resting in presence, stepping back, not knowing, and being in service of and informed by an "Inner Authenticity" are ingredients I experience in our work.

Often, I sense, the work is working by itself, and unfolding just happens. Then I am not informed by my beliefs but act from an openness: To be with whatever there is in the moment. Being a teacher includes the dedication to continuing to be a student and learn.

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

You will always start exploring where you are. Whether you are experiencing happiness, joy or challenges, tension or anger, the present moment is always the entry door to yourself, to discover a deeper truth of yourself, to who you really are. All you need for that is a curiosity and a willingness to come to know yourself. When you are connected to your essential qualities like strength, creativity, resilience, clarity, compassion, or joy, you can express and live these qualities in your private life and work life.

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