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Being on this path is a true blessing and one in which I felt called to after studying Hameed’s work as a transpersonal psychotherapist, bringing together the spiritual and psychological in an embodied way. I have had many profound spiritual experiences, but not until they became grounded in my personal process where they could be metabolised was transformation possible. Through inquiry and a deep understanding of consciousness and the soul the Diamond Approach brings spirituality out there to right here.

The beauty of this path is learning to be just where you are. My job as a teacher is to support you to stay close to your experience, trusting that whatever is arising is exactly where you need to be. With openness and curiosity your unfolding process will lead you deeper to your True Nature and what gets in the way of that. I feel a true welcoming of all souls on this path, and the uniqueness that we each bring and have the potential to embody.

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