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Introductory Description: 

Although I will speak about myself in this profile, I want to start with a few comments about the Diamond Approach as a path. The Diamond Approach is fundamentally a path of openness and exploration with no set goal or viewpoint other than exploring truth. The teaching has a rich and beautiful "map" of reality, both spiritual and psychological, but it is a map, not dogma. You are encouraged to always test the teaching against your own truth in the moment, your own experience. And you may find that your truth and your experience change again and again as you do the work. This path recognizes both our uniqueness as individuals and our underlying oneness as Being. I am dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusivity and welcome students from all backgrounds, races, cultures, genders, and sexual-orientations, and aim to create a safe, inclusive space for their work. 

What would you like your potential students to know about you as a teacher of the Diamond Approach?: 

I work with each person as an individual, in the moment. All of you is welcome. Within this allowing space we look at whatever is up for you, whether a spiritual experience or a feeling of deficiency or a tender emotion or strong defendedness. When we allow, true nature can come forward and unfold. And I will help you to vigorously defend against the inner critic, which is the enemy of transformation. I use breath work (Ridhwan Diasomatics) in almost all private sessions and draw on my experience from more than twenty-five years as a bodyworker to guide students in sensing and embodied transformation. I view the body as a 'portal' for consciousness and transformation and believe that embodiment is instrumental to realization and actualization. I do sessions in person (Seattle, Portland, Tokyo) and also by Zoom. I am part of the teaching teams for Cascadia 4, Great Lakes Diamond Approach 2, and Hawai'i Diamond Approach 4.

I have lived, traveled, and worked in a variety of environments that has allowed me to experience many cultures and ways of living and to meet people from all walks of life. I was raised in the US Midwest, but spent fifteen years in Japan and ten in Hawaii before settling in Seattle. My professional background ranged from eight years in a corporate environment to decades as an editor and as a bodyworker. This range of experience has enriched my appreciation for humanity's diversity and fluidity. I can find commonality and ease with people of most backgrounds and cultures, and have a particular love and soul affinity for Japan.

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

Like many ‘seekers', I explored a diversity of teachings and paths from an early age. I tried different forms of meditation and listened to teachers of different traditions. Although I could see beauty and value in each, none of them felt like my path. My experience of the Diamond Approach was different. I was quickly galvanized with the realization that this is a living teaching: It had a palpable flow, and I felt as though I had entered a stream and the current was carrying me. I knew without doubt that this teaching would carry me further than I could go on my own, and this realization was exciting, humbling, and even a little frightening. A true path will take you to your edges and beyond. The caterpillar forming its chrysalis has no idea that it will become a butterfly. In a similar way, human beings entering the Diamond Approach teaching are beginning a journey of profound and ongoing transformation. It is with great joy and gratitude that I dedicate myself to this teaching, as a student and as a teacher.

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

You can get a partial understanding by reading about this path, but real understanding comes from experience – private sessions and/or group work. The Diamond Approach is "alchemical" in the sense that it gifts the potential for radical transformation, lead into gold. In this work you are not improving yourself; rather, you are changing your understanding of who and what you are as you open to true nature. Although it's radically transformational, it is also supportive, working with a compassionate intelligence of how and when your soul can optimally unfold.

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