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Introductory Description: 

The first day I sat on a Diamond Approach teaching, I looked at the Hu Symbol hanging behind the teacher's chair and I knew, my soul knew, I had arrived home.  It was an immediate recognition.  I had arrived at the place I had been looking for since I was a young child passionate and curious about the Divine.  A few minutes into the teacher's talk, I felt in my heart that being a teacher of this Path was what I was meant to do.  So here I am.

The love I've felt for the sacred has also been accompanied by enjoyment and interest in the earthly life.  Many moons ago, I had a successful career in the corporate world.    I am currently an entrepreneur in the areas of leadership development and multicultural integration.  Music, poetry, movement, loved ones, being in nature, and, having time to do nothing are some of the things I take delight in.  

One of the ways I am moved by the work of my students is to witness the intelligence in the unfoldment of their unique, particular souls.  Every soul has its own journey and it is beautiful for me to guide a student from where they are to whatever potential Reality wants to manifest through them.  

I work with students in English or Spanish.  




Events with Janice

Online Book Study Group - Diamond Heart Book 1

2024-04-25 18:30

Location:   United States

Domingos de Indagación en Español

2024-05-01 10:00

Location:   United States

Online Book Study Group - Diamond Heart Book 1

2024-05-07 18:30

Location:   United States

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