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Lou teaches in Southern Michigan. He offers introdutory talks, book study, inner critic work and occasional weekend teachings. He is on the teaching team of an open group Great Lakes Diamond Approch 2, an in-person group in Ann Arbor, Michigan,. A member of the Ridhwan school since 1995, he also draws upon his background in Gurdjieff work, Zen and Vapassana in his teaching. He also teaches classes and retreats in the insight meditation tradition.

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What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

This moment now is the only moment that we have. When we reject any part of this moment we are manipulating our experience. . . A paraphrasing of Dogen captures the simplicity and mystery of true spiritual discovery--"To study the Way is to study the self, to study the self is to forget the self, to forget the self is to be enlightened by the 10,000 things". . . The Diamond Approach is a path which is in accord with this spirit. It asks a type of dedication to be able to look beyond the self’s need for comfort and relief from suffering to see what is true. This is rare in our culture which often promotes life changing results from a 3 day weekend teaching. So, it takes time and persistence to have real unfoldment occur and, of course, it is a journey to “no where”. . . This is not a path for everyone, but if this resonates with you, come try this wonderful work.

Books and/or articles I’ve written: 


1. "The Diamond Approach: A Path of Embodied Understanding", Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, September-December 2017. pp 78,79. Link:

2.  "The Inner Critic in a Nutshell",  2016, available on request.

Events with Lou

The Way to Happiness

2024-03-27 18:00

Location:   United States

The Ways to Happiness

2024-03-30 09:00

Location:  Ann Arbor, MI, United States

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