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What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

That everything we need to grow and mature as human beings is available to us in the immediacy and simplicity of our True Nature. (Even when we are convinced it is not.)

What would you like your potential students to know about you as a teacher of the Diamond Approach?: 

I am deeply committed to nurturing the unfoldment of each seeker’s individual path, honoring the unique expression of their spiritual nature in the world. No two paths toward understanding and realization are identical. My hope is that I can offer a meaningful support for a student’s spiritual journey while recognizing the mystery and unpredictable creativity that always characterizes our unique lived experiences. I feel a special calling to work with students from diverse communities, connecting across differences of culture, race, gender, and sexuality. Y tambien quiero compartir el Enfoque Diamante con otros hispanohablantes.

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I have always appreciated the DA’s emphasis on deepening and enriching the Soul’s embodiment; in fact, I was originally introduced to the DA through sessions with a gifted body worker three decades ago. Although I had experimented with many spiritual paths before discovering this one, the DA’s central practice of inquiry felt like a perfect match for my natural orientation toward my experience, as well as building upon my existing meditation and mindfulness practices. The DA’s accumulated wisdom and knowledge base supported and gently nurtured my deepening desire to understand the truth of my existence.

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