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I discovered the Diamond Approach while staying in a monastery in Thailand in the late 80's. The monastery had an English language library, which was mostly books left by travelers, and I picked up a copy of Essence. Within reading the first two chapters I knew that I had found the path for living in the world that I had been looking for. I felt like there must be a modern spiritual understanding for people who grew up with a Western perspective- souls who grew up living in a hyper-individualistic culture. After living in Asia for two years I was also feeling that the deep traditional practices weren't exactly satisfying my desire to live in the world. When I read Essence it was clear that the practice of inquiry as understood in the Diamond Approach answered this desire. It showed that one could live a personal life in the world without losing one's connection to our essential ground- that the personality is not a mistake but a natural phase of development. I ordered all the books that were available at the time. It was exciting to read them, as they were obviously transmissions of a new teaching. It also became clear that having a group and a teacher would support me to go further into the exploration. I eventually moved to San Francisco when I heard that a new group was forming there.

As it turns out, this path of inquiry revealed a detailed understanding of the human soul and reality. And the unfolding of the teachings continue. I still appreciate, though, that the primary orientation at the center of the teachings is an open, kind curiosity towards one's direct  personal experience. It's an oriention towards discovery rather than some end-state. And the revelations that occur through exploring our direct expeirence show that each moment of our experience, whatever it is, holds the potential for continually new understandings of what it is to be a human being.

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