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What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

In 1982 I started meditating which brought me to a spiritual path characterized by Bhakti and Karma. A whole new dimension of experiencing the fullness of life arose and brought deep spiritual experiences. Yet certain issues in my soul kept coming up and a yearning for a deeper understanding and transformation emerged. The practice of inquiry, which engages the felt sense in the body, showed experientially how transformation truly happens: that actually, there is no separation between psychological issues and essence. Whatever arises in the moment is a starting point; all experiences in my life can be an entrance to deeper realizations. It is important to me that the Diamond Approach is a path for "ordinary" people in "ordinary" lives, which does not exclude anything and where the focus is on living one's realizations. To uncover who we truly are beyond all conditioning is possible in all life circumstances.

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

The Diamond Approach is a path that requires sincere commitment and a wholehearted love for the truth. It is not about feeling better or solving problems, even though difficulties and problems often are the starting point. But because there is no separation between psychological issues and essence, whatever arises in the moment is the starting point for to go deeper. In the main practice of inquiry we learn to deeply pay attention and sense ourselves. Inquiry engages sensing the body because the body is the entrance to our essential being. When there is openness to look at the personality and when a deep desire to return to our true nature is present, transformation will happen naturally; showing that the fulfillment and freedom we are seeking is already here and truly comes from inside.

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