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What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

By following Diamond Approach, I have learned that recognizing and understanding the psychological patterns and limitations in our life are doorways into our inner true nature and a deeper understanding of who we really are. Diamond Approach invites us to be present and be where we are right now. In an ongoing process and with love of truth and curiosity we can meet our true nature, our essence. I love the simplicity of just "to be where we are right now," and I have learned how this ongoing process literally opens up to essential capacities, possibilities and spiritual dimensions, and how it can be embodied and expressed as we live in the world.

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I got to know about Diamond Approach through a friend, and I red "Diamond Heart Book One" and "Essence". I was very attracted and very curious about how body, mind and spirit can be experienced and understood as a whole and not as separate from our inner nature. I met Hameed Ali (founder of the Diamond Approach) at my first retreat and the flame in my heart opened immediately. His gentleness and presence was so open and loving, and I have never since been in doubt about my path.

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