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Odile van Eck (1957) studied violin at the Conservatory in Amsterdam. For many years she played in professional orchestras. Gradually her interest in personal growth and spiritual development strengthened. She followed trainings in Voice Dialogue, Focussing and Enneagram as well as many meditation retreats. In 2001 she became a student in the Ridhwan School and has been a teacher since 2015. She is currently assistant teacher in the ongoing UK4 group and in the Dawn group and lead teacher for DHE4. Sessions are available in Dutch and English. Zoom sessions are also possible. You can watch a Pearl Dialogue with her via
What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

I’ve learned to recognize and understand the many egoic structures. I’ve come to know and trust the intelligence and love with which Being manifests in all of us as we relax more and more into our true nature. I have learned, and am still learning, that I’m not a separate self that needs to live a life according to old expectations, ideas and beliefs. I’m an expression (as we all are) of something endlessly mysterious and continue to expand in trusting, exploring, and living that mystery.

What would you like your potential students to know about you as a teacher of the Diamond Approach?: 

I absolutely love the practice of inquiry. I can't imagine living life without it. I love teaching it and keep discovering ever more subtle levels of openess, not-knowing, curiosity and allowing.






What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

My husband was a student in de Ridhwan school five years before I started and I could really sense how the work changed him. He taught me inquiry. Right from the start this became a powerful practice for me. It made me feel guided. The presence of Basic Trust became very palpable and important; I started to sense the deep unconditional loving holding in the work and then I knew where I needed to be!

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

It is a long-term spiritual path oriented towards exploring the truth. There is no goal in this exploration. The love for finding out who and what you are is needed and will fuel your motivation along this journey with all its ups and downs.

Books and/or articles I’ve written: 

I've written a book about the process around fertility problems and the grief following definite childlessness. This book is only available in dutch and called 'Onzichtbaar Verlies'.

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