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Introductory Description: 

Tinca Cimirro has been a DA student since 1998. Born and raised in West Berlin, moving to the south of France in her early twenties performing street theater

then spending thirteen years in California, living and studying 3 years at the Esalen Institute before she settled in the Netherlands with her now 18 year old daughter,

with a private practice for Coaching, Body oriented Therapy including various modalities and Yoga

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

At the time i was not looking nor searching for anything in particular other than alleviating the suffering of my own mind.

I felt inspired by many different teachers and paths throughout the years until my best friend at that time joined the ITTR (international teacher training). through her and other friends i became intrigued without really knowing anything about the DA.

After attending my first group i knew that this was it. I felt a deep resonace within me, opening to something that has been already inside of me, ready to be touched and unleashed. The precision of the teaching, being able to find out for myself and not following a doctrine , the support from my teachers through being with me, revealing all, from the darkest places to the most sublime yet foremost the vast inexplicable mysterie that pervades all . 

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