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What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I love that this work is always leading me to my edge. The work has provided the occasion to be ushered into new forms of conception and perception over the years. Foundationally, the realization that our human identity is in flux, ever-changing and polymorphous is one of the central insights of the work. This has changed my life. It is exciting to ride the wave of the teaching as it changes and as I change. There is always a sense of not knowing what is going to be revealed next in my personal process. This sense of spontaneity and the playful shape of the movement of the work brings joy and pleasure immeasurable. There is an adventure to be had at the heart of this path. The work is not about bettering yourself but about relaxing into all that we are, whether that be the lightest purity or the most profound darkness. The freedom of participation in creation.

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