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What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

I have learned the joy of self-discovery, the freedom of liberation, as well as the kindness needed,  for myself and others, facing the inevitable challenges of life and the inner journey. I have connected with deep inner resources and capacities of Being, that are innate to all of humanity. The inner journey has been a rich adventure, full of surprises and revelations. It is a journey that I love to share with other interested travelers. The Diamond Approach provides clear guidance for this journey of awakening.

What would you like your potential students to know about you as a teacher of the Diamond Approach?: 

Discover the truth for yourself -  is a central tenet of the Diamond Approach.  We are each unqiue Beings, with sacred depths and capacities, that are irrespective of  our history, our childhood or our ego personality's conditioning.  My role as teacher is to facilitate the development of your own inner wisdom, truth and understanding, so you may come to know the expansive freedom that you are,  The Diamond Approach provides attuned and precise guidance for this unfoldment.  

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I was in a major life transition and needed support. I had just returned to Australia after 15 years running adventure tours in the Pacific. I'd met wonderful people and cultures, and had amazing adventures. Yet somewhere deep inside I still felt incomplete, empty. I met my Diamond Approach teacher as I faced this period of transition, grief, and the death of my mother. The teacher didn't want  to change or fix me, but guided me deeper into my experience and understanding. I learned some deep wisdom and mystery about life and death, that made sense of my life and experience. That was my initiation, 25 years ago.

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

Our path values life and living, as well as our inner depths. We live in the world and practice our realisation in daily life, relationships, at work, at play. Every every aspect of who we are, is open for exploration, nothing is rejected. Our jouney of self-discovery becomes transformative as we reconnect to our inner capacities, our unique gifts and Truths. The Diamond Approach is a precise, attuned path to re-awaken these profound inner capacities. It integrates modern psychological understanding with ancient, spiritual practices of presence. With practice, perseverance, and kindness you will come to recognise your potential for continuous evolution and freedom.  

Books and/or articles I’ve written: 

- Community Ecotourism Manual and Resource kit produced for the South Pacific Biodiversity Conservation Program / South Pacific Regional Environmental Program (Samoa 2001)

- Ecotourism development plans for  indigenous communities in PNG, Tonga, Australia, Niue.


Events with Grant

Free Webinar: “Journey of Truth” with Grant Trewenack

2020-04-18 09:00

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Book Group: “The Freedom To Be” with Grant Trewenack

2020-07-11 10:00

Location:  Sydney, Australia

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