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Introductory Description: 

The realm of spirit and Presence knocked gently at my door many times over the first decades of my life, moments outside “ordinary experience” that gently invited me to recognise that there was more to life and this world than there seemed on the surface. Tastes that hinted that it was an actual possibility to feel more real, more authentic, more connected, more loved and loving, lighter and more free. A sense that life could be richer and more meaningful than I had ever hoped for. I was intrigued by these experiences and became an avid overseas traveller as these experiences seemed to be linked to journeys into wilderness or exotic foreign lands. It was not until 2000 that Truth revealed itself to me in such a way that I recognised one of the first of many paradoxes of the path. That travel into wilderness was simply conducive to me being able to relax and open into the immediacy of my experience.   I discovered the journey without distance, that reveals not a destination, but opens a process of ongoing unfoldment and deepening into our nature. Which is inseparable from the nature of everything. My love affair with Truth was ignited. Soon after, I discovered the Diamond Approach, and it resonated at many levels. Much of what it explicated matched my earlier experiences, which served to validate both my experiences and the path itself. Having a “science” oriented mind, I enjoy and recognise the value of the integration of modern understanding of psychology into the path. Having something of a mystic’s heart, I discovered I love the paradoxes of the realm of spirit, and discovered the value of the practices of the path, some drawn from ancient philosophies and paths. Integral to an awakened heart are genuine curiosity, interest, acceptance, kindness, welcoming of all experiences, and patience.

Together with the capacity to sit with you in Presence, supporting you to be exactly where you are, while gently guiding you with open, curious questions deeper into the truth of yourself, any of the teachers trained and ordained in the Diamond Approach will be able to support you on your unique inner journey home. I am one of those teachers, living in Melbourne, Australia. I welcome you to the Diamond Path.