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Introductory Description: 

As a Craniosacral body therapist I work with trauma & issues around relaxation, disassociation, overwhelm  & embodiment.

I have also worked with Hellinger Family Systems & am trained in Gestalt in Organisations.

I come from an entrepreneurial background & have worked in developing several business projects from startup. Our first venture was creating a niche international chocolate business. Subsequently we  then developed a wholefood cafe & deli shop. I have a degree & masters in International & Strategic marketing so naturally I'm very interested in areas of communication.

What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

I have learned that life isn't what I think it is. 

Becoming aware of this I realize that I'm not even what I think I am ...

Life can be a real adventure!

Sometimes wild and exciting

sometimes empty and still.

Life is teeming with potential & possibility 

What would you like your potential students to know about you as a teacher of the Diamond Approach?: 

I would like you to know I'm really interested in the spontaneous dynamism which can happen between human beings in a relational field. I also like the simple pleasure of not knowing anything at all!

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I was attracted to the Diamond Approach initially because I felt very disappointed in how life in general and my life, in particular, was working out.

Life seemed full of suffering and despair and I was interested in experiencing something different.

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

Everyone's path is unique and engaging in the work can open up many new doorways, expand horizons and deepen our understanding of who and what we truly are.

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