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Introductory Description: 

My inner journey began in my mid-20s, after having experienced some challenging life circumstances and losses. I started to be aware of the impermanence of life. Things that I thought were important and substantial suddenly felt empty and meaningless. I started questioning my beliefs and perspectives on life. I became interested in esoteric questions about the nature of reality and the self, and I discovered meditation. The question Who am I? lit up my heart with a deep flame to find the truth. A few years later, on a retreat, I experienced a luminosity in my heart that felt so intimate and dear, and so real, like nothing I’d experienced before. I made a vow never to lose contact with it. Since then, I have dedicated a big part of my life to revealing and understanding the mystery of this eternal luminosity that I am, and we all are. My journey led me to different teachers and mystery schools, with different practices and many retreats.

When I found the Diamond Approach Path, something in me knew that I had come home. The teaching resonated with me deeply and I simply fell in love. The experiences and understandings I made transformed my life.

I was born in Lebanon and grew up primarily in Israel. As a child, I lived with my family also in Brazil and in the US. Living in different countries has been an ongoing theme in my life as a child and as an adult. It taught me to appreciate the richness that each culture offers, as well as the sensitivity and challenges it can bring. Currently, I live with my partner in Munich, Germany.

I’ve studied Business Administration and hold an MBA degree and worked as a project manager in advertising agencies. In the last 15 years, I have been co-leading a coaching and training business together with my partner. 

What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

I learned that every moment, every experience, pleasant or unpleasant if I allow and stay with it, will be a portal to my deepest nature. I learned that this radical openness and simply staying with whatever is showing up in my life, along with curiosity and wanting to know the truth, is the doorway to transformation and freedom.

Appreciating and including all aspects of my life into my awareness, inquiry, and care, brought an increasing sense of wholeness and unity to my soul and helped me bridge the huge gap I felt inside between the spiritual realms and the day-to-day reality. Embodying and living the deepest truth that I know as I relate and function in the world is my deep commitment and practice. As barriers and feelings of separation lessen, Life becomes extraordinary and free.

I learned that happiness, value, love, fulfillment, a sense of meaning and purpose, and many other wonderful qualities that I used to seek outside, are byproducts of being myself. They are natural qualities of our state of being and authenticity.

I appreciate that many structures in the DA include practicing with others. It brings deep support, connectivity, and intimate friendships to my life. I learned that many of the issues I encounter are universal. Seeing others dealing with similar topics, brought much compassion and understanding to myself and others, as well as disidentification.

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

The Theory of Holes was my first encounter with DA and it felt revolutionary and fascinating. When I came across it first, I could feel its truth vibrating in my whole body. I realized that we can never lose anything that is real in us. Our essential nature can never be damaged or destroyed. It is always who we are. It is always pure and complete. This was a deep relief. I understood how we can lose contact and awareness with certain aspects of our soul during our childhood, and walk in life feeling deficient, empty, and lacking. Learning that the way to reconnect with our true nature is through allowing ourselves to feel those empty holes and voids in our souls was deeply inspiring. I wanted to learn more about it and find a teacher who could guide me through this process. Two years later, after moving to Germany, I joined an ongoing group in the north of Germany and embarked passionately on what turned out to be a deeply transformative and fulfilling journey of self-discovery, love, and support.

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

If you will engage with this path and its practices whole-heartedly, it will transform your life!

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