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Introductory Description: 

I was born and raised in Italy until my early teens when I moved to the Uk to join a boarding school there. I returned to Italy after my studies where I began my professional life in the fashion, musical and financial world. My life had this continued nagging feeling of dissatisfaction that was always directing me toward various therapeutic and healing methods where I hoped to find the right answers. I realised along the way that there was no external remedy but rather that all learning about myself was deeply embedded in my soul. My inner search became more precise and focused until I learned about the Diamond Approach and joined my first retreat in 2007. My life has since gone through an alchemical transformation and is now more simple, relaxed and free. I live between the Uk and Italy with my husband and our two sons.

What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

I have learned that it’s possible to go beyond our historical limiting beliefs about who we take ourself to be. The Diamond Approach has given me the tools, the freedom and the safety to explore my inner terrain where I slowly began to retrieve lost parts of my self and open to the truth of what I really am. My mind has often been blown away at how the blockages, the restrictions and the sufferings are the portal to the luminous treasure that we are and which only awaits to be discovered. Learning the many ways to disengage from a very harsh and debilitating superego has been fundamental for my freedom and the discernment between what is true support and what is the historical conditioned one that keeps one stuck in the looping of the status quo.

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I participated in a family constellation many years ago where I met for the first time the facilitator who had something I had never experienced in anybody before. She was grounded in a presence that permeated the room, her voice was solid and soft at the same time, her eyes were luminous, kind and transparent and in my mind’s eyes she reflected what I understood to be a spiritual being. In my curiosity to know her more, I learned that she was a long term student of the Diamond Approach which at the time I had never heard of. The simplicity and the absence of any proselytism with which she directed me to the website of the School is what ultimately moved me to join and sign up for my first retreat. Upon joining the school I realised that all the qualities I had seen in the Family Constellations facilitator, I was also encountering in the teachers of the Diamond Approach. I felt the whole of me being welcomed and included in a non-judgemental way that I had never expereinced before in my life... I knew I was in the right place... I was coming home...

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

It is a journey of love and self remembering and on the way our ego and superego will start to relax.

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