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Rob Merkx has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1993 and was ordained as a teacher in 2006. Deeply engaged in the logos of the Diamond Approach, he teaches and supervises groups in various European countries and Canada. He begun serving on the Obsidian Synod in 2023. Rob is co-founder of the Rebalancing School for Bodywork and Body Awareness in the Netherlands and was its director for 25 years.
What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

What was important for me was that this path did not need me to believe anything but encouraged my own dynamic questioning. I never felt attracted to teachings where I was required to believe in a doctrine, or blindly follow what was being presented. This teaching offers sound ways of exploring what is true in ones own personal experience. The Diamond Approach is a contemporary and grounded spiritual path that teaches practical tools for inquiry and deepening. It is a living teaching that has effectiveness, kindness and curiosity. This naturally arising curiosity is interested in the essential manifestations of our deeper nature and in understanding the structure of our personality. The ego, the mind, or any resistances are not seen as anything to be overcome or rejected. The love for finding out what is true brought another phenomenon that was especially miraculous to me. Discovering that Presence wasn't just a deep, loving aliveness but that it manifests as many different essential aspects and qualities. These qualities turned out to specifically challenge egoïc structures and habits. My ongoing exploration opened up to a simple, silent nothingness underlying all manifestation that is guiding this life and all life. This guidance is intelligent, kind and has a sense of humor. The intelligence manifests in our direct experience, in a 'now' that is not part of linear time. Whatever is my personal experience in the moment became a doorway to what is non-dual, timeless and universal.

What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

Through studying and actively participating in the teaching we can find a freedom that does not depend on external circumstances. Presence lives in the now. Life looses its stale repetitiveness and becomes an ongoing miraculous unfolding. It doesn’t mean you always feel good. It simply means there is a trust that all the experiences life brings are precious. The Diamond Approach offers practical tools for inquiry that continue to refine and deepen as we open up and recognize more essential qualities. The openness of this approach invites us to contact our own inner guidance—to discover and fulfill our potential in our own unique timing and way.

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