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An Introduction to the Diamond Approach - CADH9

An Introduction to the Diamond Approach - CADH9
By Victoria P Young

The Diamond Approach® is a modern spiritual path that sees our “ordinary” life as a portal to inner freedom and realization. We all long to feel deeply at ease with ourselves and to experience life with appreciation and wonder. We can’t push ourselves into this kind of life. But our life can transform.  When we learn to love the truth of our experience, we can discover the precious depth of our nature and reality.

The Diamond Approach integrates psychological understanding and spiritual knowing into one teaching. The primary practice of the Diamond Approach is Inquiry. Inquiry can include discerning questioning, psychological understanding, breath and body sensing, and spiritual experiences.

Most fundamentally, the Diamond Approach practice of inquiry is an exploration of our immediate experience fueled by a love for the truth.  It is an open and open-ended exploration, an expression of love, loving the truth for its own sake.  

In inquiry, we learn to warmly recognize and be with our inner experience whether it is comfortable or difficult and we begin to inquire into it, wanting to know it precisely, curious to know the truth of it.  As we learn to inquire into our experience with love and openness, we start to see through our false beliefs and conditioning.  

We find that we don’t need to look for or seek a particular state of freedom or peace.  Our natural compassion, steadfastness and strength begin to arise as needed because our inquiry itself is an expression of and calls out these qualities. In the practice of inquiry, we are expressing a loving attitude toward our experience and our life.  Gradually we find ourselves living that love, living the joy that we have been expressing in our inquiry. 

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