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The Diamond Approach helps us to see the preciousness of being, in ourselves, in others, and in reality. I see that this path helps to move us toward our human potential, so we can live in harmony with one another and the world and move toward our potential together. That is a very strong part of this approach: the actualization of our realization. What happens with this realization? You live your life and find out!  It really supports that actualization, and it supports ongoing discovery. We never end; there’s more and more to be revealed, about ourselves, and our own souls, and reality.  

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I came upon the Diamond Approach quite by chance. An enneagram teacher mentioned, offhandedly, that the class members might like the book Essence, by Hameed Ali (founder of the Diamond Approach). I read the book and had a very distinct and powerful feeling that "This is the Truth; this man 'Hameed' is Real". I promptly called the phone number at the back of the book and joined Diamond Heart Retreat Group 1. For many years I flew back and forth between Virginia and California in pursuit of the truth and finally moved to California in 2000. What still attracts me to this path is that it teaches what it is to be a true human being, to know and to live from who and what we really are. I am discovering more than I ever could have imagined.

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An Introduction to the Diamond Approach - CADH9

Victoria P Young

July 26, 2017

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