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Enneagram Courses

Enneagram Courses

Keys to the Enneagram - Unlocking the 9 Spiritual Gifts of the Enneatypes
with Sandra Maitri and Russ Hudson

In this 11-month online course, Sandra Maitri and Russ Hudson will synthesize decades of Enneagram knowledge and teaching experience with a lifetime of Diamond Approach spiritual development and methodology to help us reconnect to our essential being through the Enneagram.

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The Enneagram and the Diamond Approach

with Sandra Maitri

Widely known in the worlds of psychology and spirituality, the Enneagram is a fundamental thread in the Diamond Approach that goes far beyond decoding our personality types, and points to the possibility for a much deeper inner transformation. When you first discover your primary constellation of personality traits—whether they formed around distorted ideas about perfectionism, or protecting yourself from an untrustworthy world, or giving or overachieving to feel worthy of love—it can be a revelation. And this revelation can add fuel to a deeply transformational journey.

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