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9_23 Soul without shame book study

September 18 - November 27, 2023
06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

A Book Study with Diamond Approach with Diamond Approach Teacher, Sheryl Lyndes Stowman

In this book study we will discover the ways the inner critic is our greatest barrier to spiritual growth and development. Whether we call this dimension of ourselves the judge, superego, or inner critic, it is an inner voice of criticism or praise that attacks, compares and berates us for not meeting certain standards. It is the source of much inner oppression and shame.

Sheryl Lyndes Stowman, M. Div., she/her, has had a lifelong love of the mysterious and creative Presence we often call the Divine or True Nature. This brought her early in life into the Christian ministry and following a Christian contemplative path. She spent 33 years as a clinical pastoral educator guiding ministers, religious leaders, chaplains and educators in personal and professional development. This is where she delved deeply into psychological understandings of personality and spiritual development. She also trained in spiritual guidance from an eco-feminist perspective and practices as a spiritual director. Drawn to the wisdom and integration of Diamond Approach 16 years ago, she has been an active student and currently is an ordained teacher-minister in this spiritual path.



There is still room in group 2-  Every other Monday Sept. 18-Nov. 27 



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