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April 8, 2024
06:00 pm - 08:30 pm


The Art of Inquiry – Exploring the essential aspects.
Exploring and practicing the central practice of the Diamond Approach.


This six part course will continue to expand on the practice of inquiry, that will allow you to get in touch with your immediate experience. Inquiry is about delving into your inner world and exploring what’s there, opening up to deeper truths.

We will teach and practice inquiry, as well as opening to the nature of the soul in the Diamond Approach and some of the central essential aspects. Essential aspects are qualities of our nature that are the basis of what we truly are and known to humanity as qualities that makes us human, and which makes it possible for us to develop spiritually. They are qualities like compassion, strength, will, joy, power and so on.

A. H. Almaas ́ book “Spacecruiser inquiry” is a good introduction to the practice of inquiry and the essential aspects, and will support your learning in this course.


This in an online course: six Mondays from 18-20:30. It will be taught in English.

Dates: April 8th, April 22nd, May 6th, May 27th, June 10th and July 1st 2024.

Cost: NOK 2400,-

Taught by Ridhwan teachers: Kristian Lindberg, Laurids Kuhn and Synnøve Seim, in alternating combinations.

Registration by sending an email to:

Please reach out to us if you are experiencing financial challenges.



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