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July 18 - July 19, 2020
10:00 am - 06:00 pm

LAST CHANCE TO JOIN DH10!  The Big Group meeting July 18/19 is still open to those interested in joining this local Diamond Approach group. After the July weekend the group will close to the public. No prior experience is needed to register. New people may attend the July Big Group meeting before applying and committing to the group. Applications to join DH10 need to be submitted by September 1st 2020. For accepted members, these meetings are required.

As our world is in chaos our values as a nation are being called into question. We are facing a crisis of consciousness as well and many are deeply re-evaluating and recommitting to what truly matters as we struggle to find meaning in this turbulent time.

The more we are in touch with an inner unified source, the unshakeable ground of being, the more we may offer something to the world that is of indestructible value. 

When we feel the inner presence of value we know our self-worth. From there we can contribute more effectively to the optimizing of humanity instead of adding to the chaos and destruction. Our sense of value informs our values in life. The more we are in touch with true value, the more we act in ways that values the existence of all humankind.

“We are all human beings, and we all have the same precious spirit. And we all deserve the same rights, the same freedom, and the same safety.” Hameed Ali

This weekend we will explore the essential aspect of value, which is a way that presence manifests and expresses the underlying intrinsic value of our True Nature. As we engage in experiential practices and explore our conditioning, ideas and beliefs about worthiness, the true preciousness of what we are can shine forth. Let’s discover together how our personal life can be lived according to the presence of pure irreducible value.

ATTENTION: July 18-19 Big Group Meeting has been moved online to Zoom. Please register as normal and wait for special instructions via email. 

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