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December 02 - December 04, 2022
07:00 pm - 12:00 pm

A new Midwest Diamond Approach group is forming! 

The Diamond Approach is a dynamic, evolving spiritual teaching that leads to openness, freedom, and realization of the many dimensions of our human potential. There are no beliefs to accept or ideology to embrace—you simply need a sincere desire to know what is true about yourself. 

Alongside our central practice of inquiry, we use meditation, movement practices and breathwork to engage and explore our immediate experience. Diamond Approach teachings are offered in an organic, deepening sequence for us to explore personally with others in groups. We learn from each other in these settings and are supported by the presence of fellow students. 


We invite you to our retreat on the exploration of the Soul, taught by local Diamond Approach teachers, Kathleen Graham, Kara Vangen and Jim Lockridge.

Soul as Living Presence

Friday-Sunday, December 2-4, 2022

What is the Soul?  Come join us in this exploration. 

The Soul is the medium of our consciousness that experiences the continuum of experience from the most superficial to the deepest; the most contracted to the most expanded; within space and time and beyond.  The most striking aspects of this organism are its malleability, sensitivity, intelligence and dynamism. The soul can take many forms; it is not a rigid structure but a flowing, conscious Presence with certain inherent capacities and faculties.  When we understand the core aspects of the Soul, we begin to recognize that our consciousness is not hard-wired but always in some ongoing stage of development. This perspective allows us to relax into our experience with acceptance and compassion, the only place from which true unfoldment can happen. 

In this retreat we will focus on specific qualities of the soul, including its aliveness, dynamism, impressionability and natural flow.  


Online weekend retreats are $175.

Register through the Christine Center:  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Scholarship available as needed:  Click here for scholarship application

Diamond Approach students who have already received this teaching may register at half price. 
Please call the Christine Center main office at 715-267-7507 to register at the reduced rate.


Retreat Structure:

The initial retreats will be 4 times a year, Friday evening thru Sunday at noon.  As the group gets established, additional sessions will be added which will extend the retreat.

***Initially, retreats will be online by Zoom and will transition to a mix of in-person* and zoom retreats in 2023.

***In-person retreats will be held at the Christine Center in Willard WI.  The Christine Center offers a serene, natural environment that enhances and supports inner exploration and integration. 

***The cost for in-person retreats is yet to be determined and will include lodging and all meals at the Christine Center.


Established over 25 years ago, Diamond Approach Midwest is home to MW Groups 1/2, and 3, a community of sincere and devoted spiritual practitioners from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, and other states including students who do not have a group in their region.   Midwest Group 4 is a new open retreat group. We welcome you to check out the Diamond Approach path by being part of an ongoing retreat group.  The retreats will be a combination of online and in person retreats.  The teaching team are Midwesterners themselves and have been studying the Diamond Approach together for 25 years.  This ongoing retreat group (MW4) is now open and welcoming students.  

For more information on the method and Group 4 retreat logistics or questions about the new group that is forming:

Future Retreat Dates:  2023 -  March 3-5, May 19-21, Sept. 8-10, Dec. 1-3


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