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January 13 - January 17, 2023
09:30 am - 05:30 pm
Glebe, Australia

How would you live if you had real courage, if you had the strength to be truthful with yourself?

What would your life be like if you were connected to your natural boldness, your inherent confidence, your true aliveness?

The spiritual journey can be one of excitement, independence and adventure, a thrilling discovery of our capacities. The quality of our nature that opens this possibility is essential strength, which gives us the sense “I can” — I can be it, I can make it, I can live it.

In this five day retreat we will look at reconnecting with the fiery force of our natural boldness and strength, through questioning our old assumptions and exploring our conditioning. We will learn to open up our anger and aggression in healthy ways. As we contact our essential strength, it helps us to meet the world in a courageous and daring way, and allows us to engage the inner journey with liveliness and passion.

From your experience of participating in this retreat you may understand how:

● Turning inward and inquiring into where we are in this moment can reconnect us with the fiery initiating force of our natural boldness and strength
● This quality is necessary to engage with liveliness and interest in the inner journey
● Experientially understanding our anger and aggression can open them up and transform them
● This force helps us dismantle old assumptions about strength, and liberates us from the conditioning of our personal histories, society, and other sources
● We can meet the world’s difficulties with an adventurous spirit

This five-day in-person and live streamed retreat uses an experiential approach that includes teacher talks and spiritual practices such as open-end inquiry, meditation and awareness practices.

Teaching sessions generally start with a meditation practice followed by a specific teaching related to the theme of the retreat. You will have the opportunity to deepen your personal exploration through experiential exercises, usually in pairs or triads and sometimes in a small group, before re-joining the large group to process what has emerged in response to the teaching.
The day is divided into two, three-hour sessions with a 2-hour break for lunch.

Teachers: Jane Armytage, Ashley Wain, Frances Haynes, Grant Trewenack
Date: 13 – 17 January 2023 (5-days)
Cost: TBC
Location: The Woolcock Institute, Glebe, Sydney NSW
Open to: General public and those considering joining the new Diamond Approach Australia ongoing retreat group 8 (DAA8)
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Woolcock Institute
Glebe Point Road

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