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September 24, 2022
09:00 am - 11:00 am
Sydney, Australia

What fires us up for the inner journey home?

We each have our own unique story about what draws us to exploring our spiritual nature.

For some it’s a desire to be more real and authentic, for others a love of a deeper Truth that they have tasted and want more ...

It may be simple curiosity, or a wordless feeling that there is more to this business of living than there seems on the surface.

The ways are myriad, but they hold in common a wanting, that contains both a desire, and implicit in the desire a love for that which we want. The alive energy of that wanting can be experienced as an inner flame; anything from a gentle flicker of curiosity to a burning desire to be close to that which is real.

In this webinar you will have the opportunity to explore your own, unique story of wanting. You may taste how this wanting itself is a gift that can fuel and sustain. You may discover how this flame can guide you on your path towards something that our ordinary, egoic minds cannot find or grasp.

Teacher: Ian Cox,

This is a free event however you need to register via the Diamond Approach Australia website.


Sydney Sydney 2000

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