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June 17, 2019
12:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this online course we will explore the contemporary spiritual path of the Diamond Approach. During the course we will see how our immediate experience—no matter what it is—can be either a barrier or a doorway to the depth of who and what we are. Through meditation practice, sensing practice, and the practice of inquiry, we will explore the conditioning and beliefs that cause us to lose connection with our underlying energy and vitality, as well as our awareness of our connection with all of reality.

Why take this course

Deep down we long to feel wisdom, love, joy, vitality, power, peace, authenticity, passion, pleasure, trust, and gratitude. Yet we tend to avoid our direct experience of life because it can be painful. With the Diamond Approach we learn to practice sensing into and being present with our everyday experience, finding a doorway to the deeper qualities of being that we long for. In doing so, we can learn to live more authentically—as our deeper, truest selves—finding fulfillment and peacefulness with ourselves, actualizing our potential, and contributing to humanity and good relationships with others. We can stop feeling separate, alone, or in pain, and realize we are constantly evolving beings with endless possibilities.

This course explores

- Why we tend to avoid our direct experience of life
- Why practicing being present to, and sensing, our experience allows us access to deeper qualities of being such as vitality, joy, and strength
- How when we openly and precisely experience our everyday feelings, sensations, and thoughts, they can become doorways to different qualities of being
- How our identity can shift from its ordinary experience as a separate self to one that is constantly evolving with unlimited possibilities
- How there is no destination to our journey—that where we are right now is the doorway to our unfolding and awakening
- How every experience, every moment, is a wormhole to all the possibilities of being, nonbeing, and beyond

This online course includes

- A video overview of the Diamond Approach by Diamond Approach founder, A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali)
- Six pre-recorded video teaching sessions; each session lasting approximately 30-45 minutes, with downloadable transcripts and audio files for each session
- Experiential exercises and practices to help you explore the content in your own life, including meditation practices, sensing exercises, inquiry explorations, journaling, and repeating questions
- Two live Q&A sessions with the course teachers where you can get your questions answered and share about your experience. Dates TBD.
- Optional live practice groups give you an opportunity to meet regularly with a small group of fellow spiritual seekers and an experienced Diamond Approach teacher to strengthen your self understanding and to practice dropping in and exploring inquiry. At less than $20/session, these 8-session groups are both affordable and a great way to build community. More details to come after you register for the course.

Note: All course materials will be made available to download to your computer for ease of use and future access.


The course is appropriate for those new to the Diamond Approach.

Read the full course description, watch the introductory video, learn more about the teachers, and register at Diamond Approach Online.


Six pre-recorded video teaching sessions, two live Q&A sessions with the course teachers, and optional live practice groups


$180 USD


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