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November 05 - November 07, 2022
10:00 am - 05:30 pm
Cape Town , South Africa

Diamond inquiry is the radical transformative technology of the Diamond Approach, sometimes described as combining Freud and Buddha. It is a way of exploring inner experience that leads to profound discoveries of the nature of our beingness, and the liberation of that being from the psychological conditioning and structuring of history, ignorance and misunderstanding. Inquiry as a practice draws on all our capacities, and in this retreat we will learn to engage five different qualities to power up the practice: joy, strength, will, kindness and power. These are the qualities of what are called the five lataif: the yellow essence, the red essence, the white essence, the green essence and the black essence.

7-9 November, Schoenstatt, Constantia
In-person or Zoom Attendance welcome

We will be meeting in person again at the Schoenstatt Retreat Centre in Constantia, Cape Town, with online participation available.

Anyone is invited to register for this weekend, and no prior experience with the Diamond Approach is required.

Retreat Schedule

Saturday 5 November 2022
10am-1pm Morning Meeting
2:30pm-5:30pm Afternoon Meeting

Sunday 6 November 2022
10am-1pm Morning Meeting
2:30pm-5:30pm Afternoon Meeting
Evening small groups

Monday 7 November 2022
10am-1pm Morning Meeting
2:30pm-5:30pm Afterrnoon Meeting


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Schoenstatt Cape Town
South Africa

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