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July 10, 2024
06:30 pm - 08:00 pm
United Kingdom

Dive-In with Dom is a free, monthly online forum dedicated to raising awareness of the practice of inquiry and a unqiue place for exploring and discussing the ins and outs of this profound and subtle practice.

All are welcome. The session is open to inquirers of all levels, including people who are complete new to it, not in the School or in a group, and also long time students.

It is led by Dominic Liber, a Diamond Approach teacher and the author of Diving in the Inner Ocean. 

We meet one Wednesday evening a month for 90 mins and each month has its own theme addressing a different element or nuance of inquiry, with some guided practice, teaching, a short exercise and Q&C. 

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Past Sessions on YouTube

You can view several years of past DIWD on YouTube on the Dive-In Inquiry channel here: Here are some of our most popular and other more recent topics: 

Nov 2022 - The Enneagram - Using inquiry with the map of the enneagram for deep transformation.
Oct 2023 - A Deeper Optimisation - What does inquiry tell us about the current interest in optimising and life hacks? What does it really mean to optimise your life?
Jul 2022 - The Belly Centre - The potentials of sensed experience beyond popular views of embodiment and how to include it in inquiry 
Nov 2023 - Barriers to Mindfulness - How can inquiry help with the distractions that can make mindfulness and meditation so challenging
Feb 2024 - Diving Out Of Your Depth Part 2 - How therapy can be useful in conjunction with inquiry
April 2024 - 3D Inquiry Part 2 - Integrating the heart, mind and belly in your inquiry practice

Upcoming dates in 2024 

  • 15 May
  • 12 June
  • 10 July
  • 14 August
  • 18 September
  • 16 October
  • 6 November (provisional)
  • 11 December

Time zones

Please confirm check timezones - these times are correct for UK summer time, but time zones may vary in winter once daylight savings time changes in the UK. The reference time is always 6:30pm UK time.

10:30am – US west coast (Los Angeles, SF)
1:30pm – US east coast (New York, Toronto)
6:30pm – UK and Portugal
7:30pm – Central Europe
7:30pm – South Africa




United Kingdom

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