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December 14, 2019
12:00 pm - 03:00 pm

“Your body is actually your entry into the mystery.” - A.H. Almaas

How does presence move our body? How do different states of consciousness impact us physically? What happens when we include our body’s sensitivity and intelligence in inquiry? We will explore these and other questions in this online course. 

In the Diamond Approach, there are various essential aspects that express different qualites of our Being - Joy, Compassion, Will, Peace, etc. These qualities can have a sacred impulse, a subtle gesture of presence that can show itself through us.  When we use sensing and movement, these sacred impulses can express something sublime and mysterious about our true nature. 

In this class, we will use specific elements of the Five Movement practice, a method developed as part of the Diamond Approach teaching for exploring presence through movement. By combining movement and inquiry, we can experientially discover how specific aspects of presence are both blocked in us and can be revealed through us.  

From students about Sacred Impulses: 

"I was not really conscious what I was longing for, but it is this direct contact with my bodily sensations that helps me to get in deeper understanding and exploring experiences that happen to me."

"The class has helped me see how the body can be a source of intricate, detailed information about what is true, real and alive in me."

This class is open to all.

Where: Online Zoom. (Sessions will be recorded for review by registered students.)

When:  11/9/19, 12/14/19, 1/25/20, 2/15/20. 12 - 3 pm, Eastern Time. 

Cost: $150 


Register Online Here.

More Information: Email Greg Knight.


Course Schedule: 11/9/19, 12/14/19, 1/25/19, 2/15/19.

12 - 3 pm, Eastern Time. 

Location: Online Zoom. (Sessions will be recorded for review by registered students.)

Cost: $150 




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