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January 28, 2018
08:00 am - 11:00 am

Event time is listed in GMT. The webinar begins at these times in the following locations: 

1:30pm - Delhi

4:00pm - Singapore

5:00pm - Tokyo

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Event Description

Engaging with our inner experience in a way that it opens and deepens is one of the central orientations of the Diamond Approach. In this webinar, we will bring awareness to one of the main obstacles that arises when we begin engaging our immediate experience.

These webinars are an introduction to the Diamond Approach and are open to anyone interested in this work. They are also intended as introductions to the new group in Asia - Diamond Approach Asia. The first 8-day retreat for Diamond Approach Asia will be next June in Chiang-Mai, Thailand. There will be more information available about the retreat and how to register soon. 

To register for the webinar:  Please click the ‘MAKE PAYMENT’ button near the top right of your screen. 

**Please Note** If you are registering and paying from Singapore, please contact us directly at [email protected] to process your registration.

Teacher Bio

Tejo Jourdan has been teaching the Diamond Approach since 2006 and has been a student of this work since 1990. He now teaches the Diamond Approach® in Germany and the United Kingdom. After several years in India he worked as a building contractor in California for 25 years, he is passionate about the practice of Presence and Inquiry in every day, ordinary life.


Times are listed in GMT. Use this Time Zone Converter to find your local time.


USD 40 for this webinar.

USD 70 for both this webinar and the webinar on November 5. Click here for more information.


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