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January 25 - January 26, 2020
10:00 am - 06:00 pm
Berkeley, California

DH10 Meeting: Loving Light

Teachers: Hameed Ali, Johanna Holloman and Blanchefleur Macher

Registration Open to All (general public welcome)

During this weekend together we will explore a vast, powerful, yet gentle love. Often this dimension of our nature is experienced as an infinite presence of softness, sweetness and generosity. When we are open to feeling it directly, we feel lovingly held, as if cuddled in the unconditional loving arms of the universe. The more we experience this loving manifestation of Being, the more our sense of basic trust develops, which enables our soul to relax into the natural condition of our essential nature.

But usually our trust is limited or even seems absent because of all the many experiences of lack of attuned holding throughout our lives and particularly during our first year of life. Consequently, we tend to believe that all of existence is characterized by the lack of holding we experienced in childhood. Without understanding our personal unique history around feeling held by our environment it will be difficult for us to see how Being, which is the totality of all existence, can actually function to hold us.

During the weekend we will offer Diamond Approach teachings, practices and experiential exercises designed to explore the true source of wonder, power and mystery that is our deepest nature.




Berkeley Ridhwan Center
2075 Eunice
Berkeley, CA
United States
California US

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