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March 1, 2018
06:30 pm - 09:00 pm
Boulder, Colorado

An eyewitness testimony of the birth of the Diamond Approach

How does a spiritual tradition arise? We rarely have the opportunity to ask the founder of a spiritual path that question, but this meeting offers such an opportunity. Karen Johnson—who joined forces with A. H. Almaas from the very origins of the Diamond Approach to help articulate the teachings that were arising—talks frankly about how their personal and spiritual experiences created a path of growth and transformation that now appeals to people worldwide.

In her new book The Jeweled Path (January 2018 issue date), Karen Johnson gives a warm, personal and often humorous look behind the scenes. She tells us about the unfolding that began in the 1970s and which, without she or Almaas even realizing or striving for it, has led to what the Diamond Approach is now: a unique and contemporary answer to the universal questions that we as human beings are confronted with.

In her book, and in her presentation, Karen will talk about the discoveries, revelations and surprises that occurred; but also about the inquiry, questions and struggles that accompanied the process. In her book she describes it as ‘... a love story about searching for and finding truth, about knowing love and love for knowledge, and about a topsy-turvy, magical journey that penetrates into unknown universes.’

The programme consists of a presentation and a section in which you have the opportunity to ask questions. The book The Jeweled Path will also be for sale, and after the event Karen will sign her book for visitors.


Suggested donation $20.


Columbine Spiritual Center
8900 Arapahoe Rd
Boulder, CO
United States
Colorado US

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