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November 09 - November 10, 2019
10:00 am - 01:00 pm

Parenting is challenging enough without the dialogue you hear from the internalized voice of the Inner Critic, often judging your parenting as wrong and inadequate. The Inner Critic is the main barrier to being able to be present to yourself and to your children. Accepting who you are and who your children are brings a loving connection between you.

If you would like support in recognizing this source of suffering and learn a compassionate approach to freeing yourself from the inner critic’s grip, please join Joyce Lyke’s online, two-day webinar “Managing the Inner Critic and Appreciating the Parent You Are”.

Through Joyce’s gentle teaching and interactive exercises, you will learn to recognize what your internalized voices are saying and begin to dis-engage from them, bringing inner peace and joy to your parenting experience.

“Nothing has activated my Inner critic more than becoming a mother. Working with Joyce and witnessing other’s work, is gradually helping me accept myself and the kind of mother I am, not the idealized, superhuman one my critical voice demands.”     Joyce’s student, United Kingdom

Joyce Lyke has been a lead teacher in the Ridhwan School, home of the Diamond Approach, for 30 years. She integrates aspects of her spiritual wisdom into the challenge of parenting, teaching how it is possible to spiritually awaken through caring for our children.  She loves working with parents offering a “lifeline” to those looking for spiritual support with their parenting.

Please join us Saturday, November 9th and Sunday, November 10th, from 10:00am - 1:00pm PST.  The cost of this webinar is $125. The webinar will be recorded.  For registration, and more information about Joyce’s work, go to





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