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January 18, 2020
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

First of 4 on-line sessions 

Session 1:  Jan. 18th (Saturday), 10AM – 12:30PM CST, Teacher: Jim Lockridge

Stillness and the Inner Critic:   

Stillness is the most prominent aspect of the Black Latifa.  Yet most of our waking lives we are not still.  If we take a close look at ourselves, we’ll see a roiling incessant inner activity that is quite the opposite of the easeful stillness that pervades the Black.  In this segment we will explore the barriers to stillness.  By understanding the unrest, shining light on the hidden motivations behind the inner activity, we can spark an opening to the restful, easeful stillness is our essential nature.  

Session 2:  Feb. 8th (Saturday), 10AM – 12:30PM CST, Teacher; Kara Vangen

No Doubt About It:  

Doubt is a distortion of the Black Latifa and its actual function destroys the openness and freshness of our inner experiece  and ultimately preserves our ego-view.  Our Super Ego expresses itself through our doubt and can be taken to the depths- even to existence/reality itself.  We can doubt God, reality, other humans, our won goodness, and our inner experience.  It has deep roots in our sense of alienation and separation.  By understanding the dynamics of doubt we can begin to access the peaceful knowing of our inner gound of Being.  

Session 3:  Mar. 14 (Saturday), 10AM – 12:30 PM CST, Teacher: Kathleen Graham

Bringing Truth to Power:  

Essential Power is an important expression of our inner nature.  However, power is often misunderstood and we see it expressed in our outer world in harmful ways.  Our Essential Power is often restrained and distorted by our inner critic and its messages about our experiences of frustration and hatred.  By understanding this dynamic we have an opportunity to experience the deep and abiding support of our true power.

Session 4:  April 4 (Saturday), 10AM – 12:30PM CST, Teacher: Timothy Bernhard

Stop Meddling with the Mystery:  

Reality lives in the present;  our inner critic lives in the past.  Whatever is arising in our experience, we assume we know all about it, so we hang out at the familiar surface of who we take our self to be.  Beauty, magic, and mystery reveal to us the unknowable and unfathomable depth of our being.  In this talk we will investigate how our inner critic meddles with the beauty, magic and mystery of our inner awarenss.  




Reservation:  Contact Jim Lockridge one time to reserve your spot for the entire 4 part series:


Zoom meeting link will be sent prior to the meeting.



Sessions will begin with a short meditation and include practices, inquiry, questions and discussion

All 4 Sessions: 10:00AM - 12:30PM CST

Session 1 - Jan. 18  

Seesion 2 - Feb. 8 

Session 3  - Mar. 14

Session 4  - April 4


Fee: 60.00 US dollars for all 4 sessions.

Payment options;


or contact Jim Lockridge to recieve an invoice for credit card payment


No one will be turned away due to cost 



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