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A new year is dawning!

February 07 - June 27, 2023
07:00 pm - 10:00 pm

We, Geoff Caird and Anna Maria Roos, would like to invite you to join our new online Book Study Group.

Using AH Almaas’s book entitled ‘The Unfolding Now’ we will engage in one of our main practices, the practice of Inquiry. The practice of inquiry is a beautiful way to deepen understanding and make contact with who we really are … revealing true potential and possibilities to live our life in this way.

In this book study group, inspired by each chapter, we will explore themes such as being real, making space for our experience, allowing ourselves to simply Be … We get to know our own experience experientially and deepen within.
We will support our inner adventure with meditation, some simple breath and moving practices.

We will meet about every two weeks at Tuesday evening at 6.30 pm GT and 19.30 CET, starting at February 7th
Februari 7 and 21, March 7 and 14, April 4 and 18, May 2 and 16, June 13 and 27 

No experience with inquiry or meditation is needed, and any experience with inquiry or the Diamond Approach is welcome too.
The zoom meetings will be recorded, so that any missed evenings can be catched up.

You can apply by mailing to both [email protected] and [email protected]


Starting date is Februari 7th

We will meet 10 times: every two weeks at Tuesday evening at 6.30 pm GT and 19.30 CET. 
The evenings last for 2,5 hours.



Costs are € 225,- for 10 meetings


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