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March 09 - March 11, 2024
10:00 am - 09:00 pm
New York, New York

Basic Trust brings the sense that Reality is fundamentally good, that it is responsive and intelligent. It’s a natural quality of our Being and reflects our innate sense that some kind of benevolence is at work in the creation of everything, from the preciousness of new life to the majesty of the ancient night sky.

But when we look at the chaos and cruelty in so much of our world or remember the times we’ve felt betrayed or abandoned or hit by some painful blow from life, we might question whether this goodness is real or merely wishful and naïve thinking.

We’ve all known some kind of love, felt held and sensitively responded to. But when this benevolence seems lost or betrayed, it can open in us an anger unlike any other. This anger is a natural response to painful changes in our life circumstance. At its core, though, this anger expresses our pain in feeling separate from the Source of Love that is beyond all circumstance.

This weekend, we’ll continue our exploration of the obstacles to Basic Trust and what limits our perception of the Love of Being.


Mar 9, 10 - 5:30

Mar 10, 10 - 5:30

Mar 11,  7 - 9 pm


$300 Teaching Fee.



Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue
New York, NY
United States
New York US

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