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July 18, 2020
10:00 am - 05:00 pm

Right now we’re in a time of things unraveling and falling apart. This includes our usual ways of living, economies, school, jobs, and for many, worse — sudden illness, death, or social brutality. The challenges and stress are clear and may be ongoing for many. But it is also an opportunity to renew our understanding of the frailty of life, the reality of death, and the value of life itself. In this gathering, we’ll open a space to sit together and consider how this time of loss and death is impacting us, but also how it might serve to bring the immediacy of our experience and beauty of life itself to the foreground.

This daylong retreat will be an introduction to the Diamond Approach by way of inquiring into loss, death, and the beauty of life this contemplation can bring. The method of inquiry – inquiring into our immediate experience as it unfolds – is a fundamental practice in the Diamond Approach. Together we will meditate, present teachings, and engage inquiry through a series of questions. We will invite an intimacy with your experience through the lens of loss, death, and the preciousness of life. This retreat is open to the public and no previous experience of the Diamond Approach is necessary. This offering will be on Zoom.


$50 - sliding - pay what you can


Zoom Online
United States

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