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July 06 - July 07, 2024
10:00 am - 05:30 pm
London, United Kingdom

The nature of our consciousness is an open presence; an awake direct knowingness.

To know the nature of consciousness brings a deep relaxation to our mind, a vacation mind. Not a vacant mind, but a mind that is unconcerned and at ease. Consciousness before any content.

A pure, open, blue-sky mind.

A free mind means we have direct perception. Any belief or preconceived idea will determine our reality in such a way that it will restrict it.  

Reality is bigger than our beliefs, more expanded and freer than whatever preconception we have about it. It is subtler, more mysterious, and more beautiful than our ordinary familiar mind can make of it.  

In this weekend we will use the practices of presence and inquiry to unfold our experience of the moment to reveal the truth that is our nature.

Online Registration Opens: 1 February 2024. Sign up ASAP!

  • In-Person space limited to 150 participants.
  • Streaming limited to 99 participants.

Ridhwan Students Register Here:

Public Register Here:

  • If you are not a member of the Ridhwan School, please contact Katy Taylor to register.

Registration Deadline: Extended until 5 July, 10 am US Pacific Time!

Questions: Contact Katy Taylor


All times are in UK Time zone.

Saturday 6 July and Sunday 7 July: 10:00 am to 5:30 pm UK Time

Lunch break: 12:30-2:00 (many lunch places nearby)


Full Weekend: £ 185 or € 210 (lunch not included)

Note: Limit of 150 in-person students. Streaming limited to 99.


Colet House
151 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA
United Kingdom

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