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Meet the Teachers: Vince Draddy

Meet the Teachers: Vince Draddy

We interviewed Diamond Approach teacher Vince Draddy about his journey with the Diamond Approach as well as the open Diamond Approach group he is co-teaching in Washington D.C. 

How did you first find the Diamond Approach?    

While living in Asia in the late 80s, I was staying in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. While there I picked up a copy of Essence in a library with books left by travelers. I had been looking for a path that could include all aspects of living in the modern world, while revealing the deepest spiritual realities. It was also important for me that the path was universally accessible, no matter where you lived, or what your capacities were. The Diamond Approach fit this exactly. Curiosity and the love of truth are qualities that all human beings have to some degree. 

When you were starting out, what were some of the challenges that came up for you?  

I was surprised by the importance of deeply accessing emotions. I wasn't familiar with using my emotions as a gateway to spiritual unfoldment, and it took some perseverance to stay with it. I'd say it's still a work in progress. 

What has kept you engaged with the Diamond Approach teaching over the years?  

The teaching is oriented towards what is real and true. I find that the clarity and boldness within it meet me in a deeply personal way. I also find the ongoing adventure into the not-knowing satisfies the longing in me for something beyond the conventional beliefs and concepts of the conventional world. 

What aspect of the teaching is most alive for you right now?  

I appreciate the word alive. For me, the teaching is not separate from aliveness itself. I love to feel how the Logos of the teaching moves through me and others.

What advice would you share with someone who is thinking of attending an introductory DA event?  

I don't think I have advice there. I don't really see it as a choice. If it resonates with some part of your soul and challenges your usual sense of self, then it's probably the right place. 

Tell us a little bit about the group you’re co-leading in the DC area.  

Having just moved back to the east coast from California, I'm looking forward to starting my first group here, along with Victoria [Young]. I have great respect for her and we're both looking forward to creating a dynamic and welcoming holding for people to engage life's deepest journey. The challenging times we are in require significant shifts in consciousness, and the Diamond Approach is well suited to support that. 

How do you see the Diamond Approach helping humanity and the planet?  

The suffering on the planet is due to people feeling a sense of separation from themselves, from each other and the world. This reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the way things actually are, and I think any work we can do to transform this sense of separateness will have positive effects, whether they are visible or not. The Diamond Approach provides a modern path to address this schism. We all need intimate access to our wisdom and compassion for living in this world, and it will be most effective if they arise through our deep knowing of our connectedness and oneness. Without this experiential understanding, there will be something missing in our attempts to help. 

Read more about the event, The Mystery of the Head Center, which Vince Draddy will be leading in January, or about the open Washington D.C. Diamond Approach 3 group

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