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Pearl Questionnaire - Kirsten Dumford

Pearl Questionnaire - Kirsten Dumford

How did you find the Diamond Approach?

I had arrived early for a Rolfing session and A. H. Almaas’s book The Elixir of Enlightenment was on the waiting room table. I began to read it. I was just starting out on my spiritual journey at that time, meditating on my own and reading books on Buddhism. I felt stuck by the “ego”; what was this ego that Buddhism talked about? Almaas answered this question in a way that thoroughly engaged me. After my Rolfing session I borrowed the book, photocopied the entire thing and returned it to the waiting room. I just couldn’t wait another moment to finish reading it! I joined the Diamond Heart 5 group soon thereafter.

When you first started, what was your greatest challenge?

I lived pretty much in my head center when starting the work and was unable to feel my emotions. My greatest challenge in those early days was working with and understanding my defenses around emotions, especially sadness and anger. I slowly developed the capacity to feel my emotions more and more fully.

What has kept you engaged with the Diamond Approach teachings?

I love to learn and have a lot of curiosity. My soul and the unfolding of True Nature in all its aspects offers an endless stream of learning and discovery. From the beginning of the work I inquired on my own regularly, sitting for a couple of hours most weekends in inquiry. I found my Diamond Approach weekends to be a potent field for jumping off into learning and exploring about myself and reality.

What aspect of the teaching is most alive in you right now?

Inquiry is always alive for me. The boundless dimensions and identity are unfolding threads rights now.

What has been the most surprising discovery for you?

That the Ridhwan symbol is a form of Being that can be experienced; an experience of contentment that I felt was related to my individual stream of consciousness.

What advice/encouragement would you offer to someone "on the fence" about attending an intro event?

If you are interested enough in the Diamond Approach to be on the fence, then it is good to attend an intro event in person to be in the field and presence of the teaching. This direct experience and transmission can be an important level of communication that lets you know whether this teaching is right for you at this time.

If you could have one wish for humankind, what would it be?

At this point in time, kindness.

Kirsten Dumford has been studying the Diamond Approach for eighteen years and has been an ordained teacher for three. She teaches and sees private students in California. 

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