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What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

I love the potential for deep transformation that the Diamond Approach offers. It is a method where the truth of who you are is revealed as you intimately contact and investigate your experience right here in this moment. There is no need to be somewhere or someone else... what a relief! As we learn to be openly curious about what is arising in our experience, letting it unfold and reveal its truth, we can begin to directly experience the full, deep, and never-ending expression of our soul. This expanding experience has the potential to touch all of who and what we have taken ourselves to be, revealing the deep-seated roots of historical structures that pattern our everyday life. Our Essential personal individuality can develop and we find we are not separate from the boundless whole. We are both; the Essential Person and the nondual whole, the boundless qualities of love, presence, awareness, dynamism, and spaciousness that is the soul’s true home and source. Every person is unique and precious, and each soul is guided in the unfolding and endless discovery of Being.

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