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What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I came to the Diamond Approach from two directions. On the one hand, I was curious about myself, possibilities for expanding consciousness, and the like. I had the good fortune to be exposed to a number of different practices and paths, and I thought the Diamond Approach would be another path I could learn from. I expected to get a taste of it and move on. On the other hand, I was looking for a way out of certain emotional pain and a sense of being out of touch with myself and others. Rather quickly, I did begin learning and healing. For me, the real question is why I continued with the Diamond Approach. Briefly, I found something real in it. It was not especially glamorous or enticing, but working with what was coming up for me, no matter what it was, and the permission to ask the questions I needed to ask spoke deeply to me. I feel blessed to have found this path.

Books and/or articles I’ve written: 

The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of A. H. Almaas. (Shambhala Publications).


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