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Gisela Bast

Online: Essentielles Sein


July 07, 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

Jeanne Rosenblum, Sarita Chawla, Marko Rinck, Tejo Jourdan, Zarina Maiwandi and Jill Davey
Grant Trewenack

Book Group: “The Freedom To Be” with Grant Trewenack


July 11, 2020

Location: Sydney, Australia

Ben Centanni and Dale Sides

The Red Essence: An Introduction to the Diamond Approach


July 11, 2020

Location: New Orleans, LA, United States

Tanja Weigmann and Odile Eck
Sarala Jungclaussen

Forschungsreise ins innere Universum“ Buch- und Inquiry Gruppe


July 13, 2020

Location: Berlin Schöneberg (U7 Bayrischer Platz), Germany

Lisa Barrett, Milia Ahu, Rob Merkx, Eme Le Cavalier, Padma Roy and Shah Allard
Kornelia Schneider and Oliver Schumann

Sommerworkshop Benediktushof 2020 - ONLINE


July 15, 2020

Location: Holzkirchen, Germany

Duncan Scribner and Andreas Mouskos

Nourishment, An Essential Aspect


July 18, 2020

Location:  United States

Nancee Sobonya and Johanna Holloman

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