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All Open Diamond Approach Groups

All Open Diamond Approach Groups

Diamond Approach groups are the primary way to engage the Diamond Approach path. During non-pandemic times, these groups meet in-person. All groups listed here are open to new participants.

Group Name





Diamond Approach Weekend Group Hamburg
5 weekends a year
Hamburg, Germany German
Diamond Heart United Kingdom 4 weekends a year London, United Kingdom English
Diamond Heart Europe 4 2 seven-day retreats a year Seefeld, Northern Germany English
Diamond Heart Nederland 2 five-day retreats a year Werkhoven, Netherlands Dutch

Australia/New Zealand

Diamond Approach Australia
3 times a year
Sydney, Australia
Diamond Approach New Zealand 2
2 times a year
Taupo, New Zealand

United States

Diamond Approach Amherst
4-5 times a year
Amherst, MA
Colorado Diamond Heart 10 6 times a year Boulder, CO English
Gulf Coast Diamond Approach 5
4-5 times a year
Houston and Dallas, TX
Hawaii Diamond Approach 4
3-4 times a year
Maui, HI
New York Area Diamond Approach 4 times a year New York, NY English
Diamond Approach DC 3 Coming Soon Washington, DC English
Diamond Approach Philadelphia 2 4 times a year Philadelphia, PA English
Diamond Approach Arizona
4 times a year Prescott and Phoenix, AZ English
Diamond Approach Utah 4 times a year Salt Lake City, UT English
Diamond Heart Retreat Group 6 2 seven-day retreats a year San Jose, CA English
Diamond Approach Los Angeles/San Diego 6 times a year Santa Monica, CA English
Diamond Approach Florida 3 times a year, online in-between Tampa, FL English
Diamond Approach New Orleans 4 times a year New Orleans, LA English





Diamond Approach Ottawa Montreal 3 times a year & 1 online retreat Ottawa, ON English


Diamond Approach Asia
2 times a year for 7 days
with an option to attend
5 days for the second retreat
Chaing Mai, Thailand

South Africa

Diamond Approach South Africa 5 weekends a year Cape Town and Johannesburg English


If there is no open group near you, please explore our online offerings at Diamond Approach Online and our public events and retreats on our Public Events List. You can also join the interest list for the new online group that is forming in 2021. If you are able to travel, you may join any open group, even if it is in a different geographic location.

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