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DADC3 2020-12

December 5, 2020
10:00 am - 05:30 pm

Inquiry is a dynamic stream that meanders according to its knowingness of what it does and doesn’t know as it follows through the field of the soul. This field of the soul, however, exists within a larger field of not-knowing – a boundless field of mystery and the ground of all of our experience, perception, and knowledge.  - A. H. Almaas, Spacecruiser Inquiry

The very nature, the essence of our Being is a mystery. It is not knowable in any ultimate and complete way. If we perceive without our usual knowledge, preconception, habit, filter – we begin to see with a fresh immediate perspective. We encounter the mystery and wonder of life, of the world and of ourselves. To truly inquire in a way that opens up our consciousness and helps us to expand is to look into the unknown.

We are excited to be opening a third group in the DC area. December 5th will be the third of three one-day introductory teachings  offered in 2020. We have set some of the dates for 2021: February 6, June 12, September 4 and October 9. These events are open to the public and all are welcome to join us. Each teaching stands alone; there are no prerequisites for attendance.

Due to the pandemic, this event will be held online. When it is clearly safe to do so, we will likely hold future meetings in Arlington, VA.
Contact for more information or to register for the upcoming event.


10am - 5:30pm
There will be a 90-minute lunch break at approximately 1pm.


Tuition fee: $100 ($75 if paid by November 14)

For more information and registration, contact Angela at or 804-299-8156.


 “The not knowing of inquiry is like a spring bubbling up in the stream of knowing from the underlying ground of Being’s mystery, indicating the undiscovered treasure that lies beneath.” -A.H. Almaas

We are surrounded by an environment of mystery, and not knowing is the doorway to enter the depth of that mystery. Not knowing is a mysterious entry to finding out things we can't possibly know through our ordinary mind. 

Conventionally, we think of knowing as having information that we need and rely on.
Yet, the moment we conclude that we have the final knowing about something, we tend to close the door and prevent our True Nature from disclosing other possibilities. 
When this happens, we can lose our sense of adventure, mystery, and curiosity; the very things that keep our inquiry fresh and alive.

Every time we recognize that we don't know, we invite a new, more immediate kind of knowledge to reveal itself. There is freedom in this--freedom from our minds and our preconceptions of who and what we are, who others are and what reality is.

Exploration: Your Relationship to Mystery and Not Knowing

Inquire into your personal experience right now. See if you can approach this from a place of not knowing, just being interested in what you are experiencing. 
How is it for you to not know but to look beyond the filter of your usual knowledge, preconception, and habits of knowing?

What is your experience of mystery in your life? Have you felt it? How does it affect you?

This reflection on mystery and not knowing is shared by Victoria Young, one of the teachers of Diamond Approach Washington DC3 (DADC3). This topic will be further explored in this introductory event. 

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