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September 14, 2021
07:00 pm - 09:30 pm

DHE4, the new international English-speaking group started in February 2021 and will have a week-long retreat from October 3rd till 10th in Seefeld, northern Germany.

During this online evening meeting you’ll be given information about joining this ongoing group and about the central practices of the Diamond Approach. We’ll inquire into your wish and longing for spiritual growth and development.

The evening is led by two of the teachers, Odile van Eck and Oliver Schumann.

Visit our group webpage for more information regarding the start of this group.

Download DHE4 Flyer.

Download DHE4 Introductory Events.


You can register by sending an email to Odile van Eck at


We invite anyone interested to join this event which is free of charge.


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