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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Guus Brackel, Vice President

Leusden, The Netherlands 

Guus is currently director/owner of a consultant agency in the Netherlands. He has 35 years of experience as an HRM professional, manager, coach, trainer, consultant and entrepreneur working on questions around the human side of enterprise in profit and non-profit organizations (including organization and personal development). He is a member of both the DANS1 group in Europe and the EU RISNG group. He lives in Leusden with his wife, Irene. 


Laurie Chestnut, Treasurer & Secretary 

Boulder, Colorado, USA 

Laurie is an economist who has worked for over 30 years for a private consulting firm conducting research and policy analysis in environmental and natural resource economics. Laurie managed research and analysis projects for federal and state regulatory agencies focusing on pollution control regulations. She has been a member of the Ridhwan School in Colorado for 31 years where she helped to establish the Colorado Operations Committee. She has served on the Ridhwan Board since 2006, has been Treasurer of the Ridhwan Foundation since 2009 and chairs the Finance Committee. 


Rob Gussenhoven, President

San Diego, California USA

Since 1979, Rob has been involved with the start-up and development of more than 40 companies and nonprofits. Born in Holland, he served in various leadership positions and oversaw factories and subcontractors in Europe and Asia.
 As a leadership consultant, Rob empowers innovative disruptors in becoming successful and mindful leaders. He served as Board Chair and interim Executive Director at Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. He is a member of DHROmega, a certified SEP and lives with his wife Joan in San Diego, CA.


Claus Friedrich Haalck

Hamburg, Germany

For 25 years Claus has worked for an international airline in the field of change & health management. He is involved with the development of the Ridhwan Stiftung, the German nonprofit foundation and affiliate of the School in Germany. As part of the team, he is involved in outreach in German-speaking territories. Claus is 55 years old and a member of DHR4, DHROmega, and DHE2.


Richard Wallstein, Ph.D. 

London, England 

For nearly 20 years, Richard has worked as a qualified Gestalt psychotherapist and supervisor and trainer of systemic psychotherapy. He has concurrently coached and mentored exceptionally talented people in senior roles and is a preferred supplier of coaching to clients in the financial and professional services, UK government, retail, technology and telecommunications sectors. He is an Associate Fellow and Chartered Psychologist of the British Psychological Society. Richard lives in London and has been a member of Ridhwan since 1998.


Seth Schapiro

Berkeley, California USA 

Seth is the Executive Director of the Ridhwan Foundation. He has been a student in the school since 1996 and he has over 20 years of experience leading a large non-profit with a 50-million-dollar budget. Also, as a consultant for both private and governmental agencies, he has diagnosed organizational needs and the strategic steps to implement change, and has facilitated processes with large groups of diverse stakeholders to support development in effective decision-making, organizational transparency, and strategic planning. 


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