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Trust, Privacy & Anonymity

Trust, Privacy & Anonymity

While in many ways, Friends of Ridhwan operates as does any of thousands of charitable organizations around the world, there are some notable differences in its orientation and approach that arise out of the Diamond Approach teachings. Specifically, Friends of Ridhwan: 

  1. Does not engage in data mining or the collection of information on individuals or groups that might suggest or cause preferential treatment. 
  2. Considers all gifts anonymous. Donor information is known internally only among those directly charged with administering gifts based on donor intent. If a potential donor wishes a degree of anonymity greater than this, he or she may contact one of the board members directly. 
  3. Does not publicize or otherwise share information on the support of donors without their expressed permission. With permission, such information is always shared discreetly and modestly. 
  4. Does not offer to donors options for personal recognition or public acknowledgement as a result of their giving.







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